Monday, 14 May 2012

San Marino First Rehearsal

You remember yesterday when I said Greece was the worst thing I had seen on a Eurovision Stage? - Clearly the San Marinese have now taken that title. They have cheerleaders and an APPLE MAC with the Apple Logo on stage! - Hang on, weren't they made to change the lyric because of Commercial messages? - Stoopid people, they need a slap!!!

They also have that stupid " Googling, giggling, gaggling" thing on the backdrop which, at times, looks like "The Matrix" or a represetation of "The net" - really?!? - Perhaps have a great big " We dont care" banner instead girls?! - It really is car crash TV at its very worst and who's idea was it to have a backing singer dance with a digital camera?!?!?!?

Morena can sing ( Edit clearly, cos Vodka was her secret word! - Valentina can sing too!) and thats the sad thing about this, but she really is flogging a dead horse with this - It sounds messy on the hall sound, even compared to some of the songs yesterday. - Contender for 0 in the semi?? - I darn well hope so!!


  1. thks for blogging. It really doesn't look so bad on my screen imho. Have a great day!

  2. Psst. Morena performed for Malta four yeaers ago ;)

  3. I'd have to say that on a scale of Fabrizio to Chiara, Valentina is nowhere close to being a Morena. Probably somewhere around an Annalise, though on a good day she could perhaps aspire to Lynn Chircop.

  4. I wonder what Italy will give it?