Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 3 Audioblogging

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  1. I am not going to go all of today's happening as some of you said it all.

    I have 2 comments:

    The Netherlands-By the look of it they kept it simple, as it should be.I think the decision to let her back musicians and back singer to join in the end is smart.I hope it comes across well op tv

    Ukraine-A mess, no doubt of it.The screens showing the movements of the dancers,who dance in front of it.It looks that it was pre-recorded, and sometime the are not synchronized with each other,which give a very awkward feeling. She is static, though the fact there is a lot of movement around her, almost make certain u won't pay attention to this. She can sing but I doubt if she can dance.


    Keep the good work, and who cares what other people say about you