Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Top brass – we’re going to Kiev!

Brassy broads are a bit like buses, you wait three days for one and two come along at once. And a greater contrast you could scarcely have. Oh Gaitana! How fabulous are you? I had a sneaking regard for this the moment I heard the version in the video and knowing how Ukraine can polish even the turdiest of turds stuck a small wager on it at an impressive 66/1. I’m ever so pleased I did. I’m absolutely loving this, it’s big, it’s bold, it’s brassy and it’s FUN! It’s a little busy on stage, especially when Gaitana is joined by a cast of thousands on the video screens, but the song is so big it’s not overshadowed by the goings on. And she can sing this! Oh yeah, baby! This is going to be so big in the hall and I think that unless she gets that dreaded number 2 slot in the final this is going to be so big in the final shakeup too. OK, I might be jumping the gun as we haven’t seen several other favourites yet, but based on what we’ve seen so far this is the one to beat. Did somebody say something about some grannies?

Contrast, if you will, another brassy broad, this time from Bulgaria. Sofi is clad in floor-length leopard print, channelling the spirit of Bet Lynch re-imagined as a Balkan brunette, and looking rather out of place in this gig. She’s alone on the stage which does little to hold your attention in a song that I already find myself losing interest in half-way through. Somebody should tell the Bulgarians dance music needs dancers, but I’m afraid this is so cheap you can’t but wonder why they didn’t just save the whole participation fee and stay at home. I love to woki my popo with the best of them, but whilst I really want to like this it’s just so dated and limp to pique my, or anyone else’s interest. It’s my contender for last in this semi.

Monty x

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