Monday, 14 May 2012

Day Two catch up by Rosé...

Well I've been at bloody Heathrow all day on a course and been trying to steal moments away to keep abreast of things but had to admit defeat in the end.  There's only so many times you can nip to the loo to catch a sneak peak of San Marion's first rehearsal...How ironic, next week I'll be running out TO the loo during their actual performance in the Crystal Hall... Please bloggers, tell me that there will be beer in there next week, we will need it to get through this semi...

I was explaining to other delegates on my course over lunch today exactly why I am voyaging to Baku on Friday!  Nice to bring the conversation to a stop in such a way... After a few seconds of awkward silence I said "So the word you're all looking for is anyway..."  I did receive some sympathy from a sweet Belgian girl who was wowed by the fact I knew what year Sandra Kim won... The joys of my work...

Anyway.... Back to business.  Like I said yesterday I won't attempt to actively describe each performance, you've all got eyes and youtube.. Plus I couldn't possibly keep up with my fellow bloggers, great work so far!

I've just watched the rehearsal clips back to back and want to call one thing out, the backdrops for some of the songs are bloody amazing!  I suspect that on the night, the viewer at home will not be able to see half as much of them as we can see from these you tubed videos from the arena..  Best backdrop goes to Ireland I think, works an absolute treat... those boys annoy the bejesus out of me but I like this presentation and while the water feature isn't exactly a gushing Icelandic geyser, it will look great and I found myself smiling at the campness of it all..

Other highlights or lowlights for me in no particular order...

Austria is a big old train wreck, they've turned 3 minutes of noise into 3 agonising minutes of sluts flouncing around Lukas and the other one!  I'll be bitch slapping all three of them just as soon as I'm there..

Loving the Israeli backdrop too though I wouldn't want to watch it under the influence of all that sugar that seems to be present in the press centre.  The Israelis love the catwalk don't they, those two dancers cavorting down there at the start was mildly amusing.

Well well well the blogosphere has gone into grannie meltdown hasn't it?!  And those Russian ladies of advancing years have got a bun in their oven too.... What a bizarre thing to have on stage, I found myself watching the oven more than them, wondering what WILL be on the baking tray on the night, a steaming miniature version of Dima Bilan?  He could always be relied upon to be overcooked...

As charming and endearing they are, I don't want them winning with this terrible song. I'm wondering how much of the St Petersburg 2013 predictions are coming just because they are so sweet and of being in the Baku bubble?  Saying that, I don't buy the argument that juries will not vote for it, there will be loads of jurors in all manner of countries with a leaning to Grandmother Russia tempted by this... Dangerous but awful..

My moment of the day was the delight that was the Moldovan rehearsal.  I admit I've a soft spot for Pasha and want to meet him in Baku almost as much as Roman Lube. How fantastically camp and kitsch was that routine?  We will be mimicking that little dance train all the way to the euroclub bar next week for sure. I will make sure of it!  Many of you may know that 'That Monty' and I traditionally change the lyrics to many of the songs each year, yes we're so grown up and mature and oh how we howl.  For Moldova we've interpreted "that crumpet gave me heartburn" and we WILL be howling this on the dancefloor next week too... Just sayin...

Nice that the Cypriot routine includes a bit of drystone walling, and lots of energetic flouncing.  I think she was better than we've been led to expect.

Hoping the Hungarians can muster a bit of charisma as they're actually nice blokes.

San Mariono has gone beyond car crash to absolutely mesmerising.

Finally, I'd not seen it anywhere which of the Big 6 (sorry 5 plus the winner) were voting in this semi.  Thanks to Marcus from OGAE UK for giving me an easy way of remembering.. SPITAZ, the SPITAZ vote in this semi..

Night night all

Rosé  xx

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