Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dear my boss, Joan Franka made me late for work...

Well, who hasn’t been looking forward to Indiana Joan? Here she faces her first and biggest hurdle – qualification. If she clears this and gets a good draw then this happy-go-lucky sing-a-long bundle of loveliness could really do some business I think. But of course there was the question would she be her own worst enemy in “those” feathers? They do have a certain charm, that’s undeniable, and they have perhaps helped her stand out, but such idiosyncrasies at Eurovision can go either way. I think she’s charming enough not to need them, with her endearing Dutch lisp and some slightly demented looks to the camera she just oozes charm and likability. From this rehearsal it seems she’s kept the feathers, but ditched the latter-day Hiawathas, a move which makes the headdress look even more incongruent in my opinion. But the charm is still there, and I think this will lend itself nicely to the TV. The band so stage right seems odd, and they only make a very late appearance, but ...oh...who IS that on the banjo....? I’m sorry, Joan who? Can we have a close up on the banjo player please?

Monty x

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