Tuesday, 15 May 2012

hmmm - apparently I have upset

2 fine bloggers from a neighbouring parish by suggesting that walking to and from the arena because there is no sound in the press centre is something they might like to consider. 

Queue a barrage of posts on a messageboard near here slating me for "not being there" and for "slagging off bloggers"

I publically apologise to them ( and they know who they are) but there are just a few things i need to get off my chest here: <rant>

1. I've been doing this for 12 years - I don't need to be told how it works, I *think* I already know. 

2. You are in a press centre - its not like home.  I admit being lied to by people in charge is annoying, but surely there are far worse things to compain about?

3. Just to clear things up for "people" - Using a messageboard to advertise the site isn't a bad thing, it's a "thing" - Thats almost like saying " Dont advertise on TV for your products"

4. I chose not to come to Baku about 2 hours after they won last year, and therefore didn't bother to try and apply for accreditation. My job and my new boyf clearly came first, therefore I have always told people up front the coverage they are going to get.

5. Talking of which, It seems to be going down right well, co-ordinating a team of seven between home and Baku is working a treat - yeah thats right, a team of seven.

6. As has been pointed out to me by "a real journalist" out in Baku - Do people think that reputable print journalists never review things they aren't there for? or indeed see sometimes? - Commenting on other peoples points of view and youtube videos is just as valid as, say, commenting on other peoples points of view and watching moving pictures from Baku in a tent - apart from we're 2000 miles away and an internet connection away from there.


I clearly need food.... off to the warm food cafeteria ( yes I have one of those!)