Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Macedonia, FYI

I should be in the shower and almost left for work but instead I’m enjoying Kalliopi. She’s avoiding the sat-down-stood-up at the piano cliché and opting for a more straightforward rock performance. It has the effect of highlighting her voice (and the strings in the first part seem to be particularly nicely emphasised) but does present the slight problem of what should she do with herself? A bit of moderate arm waving and a typical rock chick in-profile head-back scream at the big note it seems. She’s a big personality with a big voice but I don’t know if this is going to be enough to edge it in this very tough line-up from so early on. It will be a shame if she doesn’t, and on balance I’m glad she hasn’t gone gimmicky, but I’m not so sure about her chances.

Monty x 


  1. why does she have to do "something with herself"? Isn't good singing enough?

  2. Oh it is, and she's very, very good at that, but I just think that she needs something to help her stand out because of there being so many equally good songs and performers around her. But perhaps they will over-egg their own puddings and she'll just be left looking simple and classy. I really do hope she gets through, she's definitely one of my favourites.