Sunday, 20 May 2012

Did Portugal get any food? You can hump my keyboard any time!

Gosh that Monty got there before me to sum up last night far better than I ever could even on a fresh day!  I'm slightly jaded so I'll not add much to that report except to tell you that the poor Portuguese delegation were found starving at about 2am after waiting for their salads for about two hours!  They'd missed lunch and dinner because of the traffic and even sent out for chips but non were forthcoming. Their poor faces, wasting away to nothing but Filipa was still smiling through it all..

The Hungarian boys remembered me from the London party and one of the bandmembers (the third best looking one) told me I could hump his keyboard anyday.. ooer missus...

Dmitry from Litesound chatted to me for ages, he was a bit tiddly on white wine but he seemed moderately excited that we'd chosen them for Second Cherry a few years back and he proffered the information that they are quite big in Scotland??

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