Sunday, 20 May 2012

I'm still alive!

I'm not about to break into a chorus of a song by two leggy lovelies from Slovakia, but I realise that I've been a bit slack on the posting front lately.  But my fellow Oneurope bloggers are more tha keeping you abreast of the fun and games at Europe's favourite TV show.

My reason is that my services have been required by my 'official' employer.  Our reports and interviews don't do themselves you know, and in their infinite wisdom they've let me loose with technology.  A camera.  But I can say no more than that or the authorities will come and get me.

As you may have read, the 'Opening Party' was finally held last night.  Some of us have been here over a week so the idea of one now is variously daft, intriguing or genius.  What you may not know is some of the acts walk down the hastily-laid red carpet, take the kudos, disappear inside the Euroclub, then promptly through another door and go home.  Most did go to the VIP area, a raised area of tables and sofas a one end of the Euroclub.  Some went to a VIP VIP area on another floor that the likes of this jaded old hack can't get access to.  But I couldn't imagine the Babushki boogying along to Eurovision music till 3am or maybe later.

The Euroclub did run out of alco-ma-hol last night.  The aforementioned opening party had started mediocrely and got more fun.  But running out is a bit of a faux-pas in anyone's book.  The bar was awash with empty bottles and glasses and looking a little untidy.  If you asked for a drink you might have been given a bottle of Champagne and told to go away.

We have our last day of rehearsals today.  The business end of the contest starts tomorrow.  There's a chance that I might blog a rehearsal.

I love you all

Riigi x

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