Monday, 14 May 2012

Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 Manats

Roy was musing yesterday whether the artistes would have to walk the long catwalk to the Green Room immediately after their performances or whether they'd get a chance to freshen up first. This video of yesterdays's doings from seems to indicate they will, as Iris and Jonsi & Greta are instructed to do just that. This is a new thing for the Contest. I'm intrigued to see how if works.

Monty x


  1. As I said when I provided the link to the stage, it's a nice idea to put the green room in front of the stage.
    However I will say 2 words:toilet break?

    Advise to all performers.Make sure you visit the toilet before u go on stage.

    1 thing for sure:no one will be able to do "Dana International" after winning

    Phill- I managed to solve my problems with the player and am hearing your podcast on firefox.

  2. It's not just the performers; I'm a little worried that those of us who might get sat down the front wedged between the two prongs of the walkways with the camera run to the rear might be refused exit to the lav. I'm a right Wendy-Weakbladder as well...

    1. Than I suggest u have a stock of empty bottles with you.And hope that u r not caught on tv when loosing up a bit:)

    2. How common!

      I might just do that, actually... :-)