Saturday, 19 May 2012

Italy I

Now, it has been said by me, on this very blog infact, that Italy could " fuck off and die"... However, This song and this singer, coupled with last years shocker, have made me say "Welcome back (but only if you keep entering this kind of thing)"

This. Is. Class.

It doesn't need dandruff, or 70 year olds, or choreography, It just needs Nina Silly and her backing group singing the song - Simple, end of.

Admittedly she sounded "a bit flakey" in the first minute and a bit, but damn, that was far better than most things we have seen out here this week (Ukraine being the most notible exception - with Moldova, Romania, Netherlands being close behind). She soon warmed up though and absolutely nailed it.

17 days in #lovelyrome you say next year??

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