Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mirakel pit stop...

Okay so we're back at the Mirakel hotel and railway goods yard complex!  Saying it with the Swedish accent is NOT helping the Azeri taxi drivers find our home from home.  We've just discovered it's pronounced Mirachlay so we're hoping for an easier ride home tonight after the party though we did have a nice drive by some dusty old back streets just now.

'That Monty' has gone and lost his camera so we might be having photo issues for tonight's welcome soiree though my iphone takes adequate snaps..

More breaking news------

Moldova are staying at our, ahem, luxurious hotel and suites complex!  We've just seen their bus.  So poor old TVM must have a similar budget to poor old Greece!

Right spruce up time..

More later

Rosé  xx

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