Sunday, 13 May 2012

Romania First Rehearsal

Why do I always think that the bagpiper-ist is playing the theme to Dallas at the beginning of this song?? - Anyhoo I digress (and not for the first time this year!). To my ear and eye, this is what Greece were actually aiming for - a nice girl on stage with some backing dancers and faux instruments.  This is rightfully at the top of the tree and, unlike Eleftheria, Elena hit every single note that the song presented to her, and not the ones she thought she should sing.    I get the feeling its going to look busy on stage though which suits this song to be honest, but I feel Elena is going to get the most time on the screen, but my only issue is that its a bit repetitive and a bit too clinical and makes 3 minutes feel a little bit too long, however it is still qualifiying with ease from this section.

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