Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Serbian breakfast

Ooh nice, I have time to slot in a bit of Zeljko before breakfast. That’s a pleasant start to the day. Unlike Phil I DO like ‘em Balkanised and Molitva is my favourite ever winner. Songs like that were sniffing around at the espadrilles of victory for some time before Marija won with that fine and rousing ballad. This is, of course, much in the same vein, and it’s right up my Bulvar. No surprises in the staging, with the requisite ethnic instruments and the choreographed casual meandering around and a suitably moody backdrop with perfect vocals from your man. I do like this and it’s going to do very well indeed, but during the build up to the Contest Slovenia has edged ahead for me in the Balkan ballad stakes and whilst we’ll not get our first look at her until tomorrow  I’m still optimistic she’ll stay ahead. Macedonia too, who we’ll see next, offers something edgier which I’ve totally fallen for so I’m afraid the Zeljko is currently resting third for me of the ex-Yugoslav songs, though on this performance it’s a very solid placing.

Monty x

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