Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What does Tuesday have in store for us?

I’m a bit tired this morning. I stayed up until 5.30am Baku time. Well, I might as well become acclimatised I suppose. Hence I’m a little bit jaded this morning, but we do have a short day ahead with only 8 acts to rehearse today. On paper there are many that should be fairly as expected: Serbia, Macedonia, Belarus, Portugal should be all competent and ‘safe’. Malta could be fun or flat. For me it’s all about how Bulgaria and Ukraine will be staged (the latter I’m tipping as the dark horse and we know how Ukraine is a master of stagecraft), and of course all eyes will be on Indiana Joan and will she or won’t she be in those ridiculously endearing feathers. Another day at work so dipping in and out for me. Damn I wish I was already there!

Monty x 

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