Tuesday, 15 May 2012

They are back after Lunch ( Belarus)

They clearly arent the winners, but they are sounding good but again, that is probably because of the off stage backing singer helping them - I dont think that they  need him though to be honest as the lead singer does enough.

However good this looks here and on the cameras ( which it does) will not disguise the fact that out of the first five this song is, on the one hand, the weakest song and, on the plus side, its currently the best pop song out there which is a bit of an oxymoron I admit.  It beats Kurt hands down in terms of non-shoutyness and timing and general overall appeal but Kurts song is arguably stronger - although the highlight of Belarus are indeed the microphone stands.  Will it qualify? - It certainly has friends to drag it through and there is nothing "wrong" with the song , but am not sure that there is something missing from the performance to make it certain,  but one thing is for certain, that backdrop is eyewatering!!

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