Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Portugal First Rehearsal

Whats that? - The ghost of Senhora do Mar over the Eurovision? - Well, not so much, but thats what she is trying to emulate in every fans mind, and it fails to even come close to that. It is half of what that song was. 

However, back to what this song actually is.... and that is, a competent Fado inspired song which Filipa will, and does, sing the backside off - but it has been done before and a lot better to be honest.  There is likely to be a big dress and a wind machine, but that wont even make it what people want it to be.  As for the real world, I think its struggling on this performance to be honest  as it just makes me want to fast forward coupled with the fact that it doesn't attack me like some of the songs round it - it just bores me to death and I fear it wont be getting televotes in huge enough numbers for it to qualify. 

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