Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Catching up

Hi folks

I've been working like a demon today, trying to keep another website afloat.  No names, but some of you may think you know which website that is.  That walk between the press centre and the arena takes all of less than FIVE minutes, but the amount of times you do it soon mount up.

In general, the rehearsals have been going fine.  Zeljko was Zeljko, Kaliopi belted her song out.  Indiana Joan added great bowls of fire to her stage set - I feel sorry for the stage hands having to fill said bowls with something flammable (or is it inflammable) and light them in the short turn around time they have.  Malta was a bit flat.  Belarus was a bit, well, the opposite of flat.

You may wish to know about a little incident that happened upon some associates of mine last night.  In search of a late night drink, they found Baku's famous pirate bar.  Sadly it wasn't THE pirate bar.  Instead, those lucky lucky people found a whorehouse.  Complete with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, pimps and madams changing empty ash trays.  So if you're in Baku and at a loose end, put the word around you'd like to visit said bar and my associates willl be more than happy to assist.  Needless to say they won't be visiting it again.

Now, Riigi Heights is a well appointed location, near the Heydar Aliyev Sarayi, voilà...

The view from the rear is a little less salubrious...

Myself and my cohorts from other reputable websites don't have Wi-fi access, so we can only report to you, discerning reader, from the safety ofthe Press Centre.

I have to go - Ukrain awaits me.  More soon.

Love ya.

R x

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