Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Malteasers, Belarussian wieners and Portugeezers

I’m caught up with the morning and the first part of the afternoon. No lunch news to report yet at the moment in the London branch of the Baku Press Centre as I'm prioritising this missive for you lovely people, but I’m bloody well Hank Marvin I can tell you!

Kurt and his chums cut quite the trendy dash is fashions that are now beyond both my age and girth. It’s a lively performance and whether the clothes are costumes or just civvies they work well with the song, lending it a younger, more current feel than perhaps the music suggests. I like this, it’s a nice piece of uplift that amongst all the ballads in this semi-final should stand out well, though try as I might I can only really see it scraping in by the seat of Kurt’s very tight pants as I just don’t know where its support is going to come from. I do think it would be a very nice addition to the final though. I was quite taken by the keyboard player with the spikey hair until he started crouping his creels all over the shop, and I think this detracts from the overall appeal of the song. I am liking Kurt’s little soft-shoe shuffle though. I must practise that at home before I try to do it spontaneously in the EuroClub after a Xirdalan beer and break my ankle.
They do like to bring their own mic stands from Belarus, don’t they? The Belarus-loving woman (I can’t recall her name, I wonder where she is now?) had some last year too. Litesound parade around the stage singing this quite well if a little obviously, but it sounds fine. I’m a little wary of songs that proclaim victory, although it must be said it sounds more like they’re claiming to be sausages (“we are the wieners!”) than vainquers. Mind you Kurt from Malta has just boldy told us it’s his night. I wonder whether coming after Malta might take a little off Kurt’s shine? I can see both of these clamouring for that elusive 10th place, though I’d put Kurt ahead on likeability.
One day, one day, we will get to go to wonderful Lisbon for Eurovision. It won’t be 2013 though. I really do admire the Portuguese for ploughing their own furrow so determinedly and continuing to send songs that could only be Portuguese and will only ever have limited appeal. It’s like the whole of the rest of both Europe and Eurovision history has passed them by. Filipa is a dream; she was just so lovely and enthusiastic at the London Preview Party you just can’t help wanting her to qualify, and she can sing the pants off this song, so it’s certainly not her ability that’s in question. I LOVE this, but despite doing exactly what it sets out to do, I don’t think that qualifying has been listed amongst this song's objectives, which is a great shame, but there’s just too much competition for it. Sadly I see this missing out. Two more things to note: I’d like a closer look at the male backing singer in red, and I hope that’s not her frock for the night!
Monty x

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