Monday, 14 May 2012

Uh oh! Oh no there he goes again.....

What could be worse than a song written by Siegal about Facebook sung by a girl pretending to be 20 years younger than she actually is? The answer is : NOTHING. This child was made from the devil's own sperm. Why he can't just retire like other past it songwriters is beyond me. I realise there aren't many people in San Marino, but there must have been someone surely? If not import someone from their Italian neighbour where music is plentiful and good as the wine and pasta.

Poirot: I don't use Facebook or Twitter. I am famous enough. I am afterall the most famous Belgian ever and the most greatest detective that ever lived.

Kryten: I have a facebook page. All my spare heads and arms are friends on it. There aren't many other friends apart from the Poloymorph who seems to like me... oh and Holly of course. Mr Rimmer just posts comments about the fact that I don't have any reproductive organs...

Verdict: Back into the pit of hell oh demon...


  1. Can't tell you how glad I am to read Franko's missives, offering that heady mix of racial stereotyping and political incorrectness. I see Ralph and Drashig have been ditched in favour of this new pair of bloody foreigners. Honestly, Eurovision's awash with the buggers these days.

    1. I'm hoping you do genuinely like his missives??!

    2. Adore them. He's like a veritable tsunami of bad taste. Keep it coming Franko!