Monday, 14 May 2012

Afternoon round up by Monty

Here’s a little catch up on the afternoon, and for anyone who was wondering my lunchtime salad and miso soup was delicious, if unsatisfying. I had to have recourse to a cheese and onion sausage roll thing (no sausage, but you know what I mean) and a bag of wine gums. I bet I won’t get those in Baku, though they might do a line in Xirdalan beer gums I suppose. Anyway, here’s my take on the remainder of semi 1.

Oh those Russians! It would take a cold, cold heart not to find this lot endearing, but maybe Phil is just in a grumpy mood. The song is TERRIBLE but oh they’re just so cute, aren’t they? I don’t want this to win; nothing against Russia – I used to live there and was gutted to miss the Moscow Contest so I’m very happy for it to be there again – it’s just not the kind of thing that Eurovision needs. Or is it? I felt the same about Lordi in 2006 and it seems that the Contest has once again gained in popular interest since then, albeit not directly attributable; I just mean nonsense winning hasn’t turned viewers off. But despite all the sense I can throw at my argument I just love them. The little one still has no idea what’s going on (“Just follow my lead, Olga! You’ll be fine!”) but the minor embellishments of the sitting around and the baking only add to the charm. Yes, a qualifier, and yes, a potential winner. At least it’s piqued everybody’s interest.
I know these boys quite well now, having shifted their piano for them at the London Preview Party. I bet the Baku stagehands aren’t nearly as professional. I have to say this has gone from not a hope to likely qualifier for me. I like the 80s feel I get from it, and it’s vocally great. I’m pleased to see that the 80s theme looks like it being authentically recreated in the backing singers outfit, last seen in Eurovision modelled by Yugoslavia in 1982. It’s come on leaps and bounds.
I wonder whether we would have had the blackout ban that is prohibiting the ‘Shittaz from doing their glow-in-the-dark arses routine if Jimmy Jump hadn’t invaded Spain two years ago? I can see how it could be a security nightmare though, and by accounts from the field security is tight this year. I do like the ‘Shittaz, but setting up the Baku branch of Spearmint Rhino has lessened some of their considerable oomph. I kind of want this to do well as I like the idea of challenging the Eurovision stereotype sound, but I can’t help thinking that we could have been seeing Conchita Wurst at this point and I’d have found that far more entertaining.
My jury is out on this one. Other reports seem to be quite favouring the busy movement but I’m finding some of it a bit too silly looking. And what is he doing mounting that poor girl from behind in front of a family audience!  It’s not all bad though, I quite like the bit where they mince in a line at the end (but that might be because it’s nearly over). I’ve never really been that taken by this one and didn’t have it qualifying, though with the pretty-much guaranteed 12 from Romania and it being quite lively and late on it might just have enough to edge it.
Don’t they look nice in blue? All the ingredients from the national final are there with the addition of a golden shower. Or at least it looked golden in a photo I saw and I’m led to believe they will be in gold on the night. If so it will be the third golden shower I can recall at Eurovision, the previous two having stalled in the semis for Sylvia Night and Michael van der Heide. This is sailing through though. The swirling watery backdrop looks amazing though if I’m bursting for the loo by then it won’t be so pleasant. A good effort by the boys, though I can’t see it doing better than Lipstick.
Monty x

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