Sunday, 20 May 2012


That, my children, is more fucking like it!! - Clearly the 2nd rehearsals are where he "kicks it into gear" It looks and feels so much more together than yesterday, clearly The Hump has warmed up properly and is starting to give it his all - I'm still not 100% with the last note, but by christ he nailed the keychange which is where this song is won or lost in my opinion and for the first time in many a year, I actually had a goosebump moment while watching a rehearsal.

I am happy!


  1. The press back here in Blighty this weekend is awash with stories about The Hump - mostly concerning his rampant libido - but, watching this clip, you've got to hand it to the old man. I'm definitely on the moist side in the eye region. The song and staging are so simple and elegant and Enge kills it vocally (I love the lingering final note with the exaggerated vibrato - it might be a semi-tone under but, what the heck).

    We won't win the contest but at least we can be a little bit proud of this year's effort.

  2. That's my first sight of the UK staging, my first hearing of the song performed live, and I have to say DEAR GOD IT'S ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS.

    It'd better be 1000% better with TV pictures and TV sound, that's all I'll say.

  3. Nicholas, you cranky old curmudgeon. All of these 'amateur' arena vids are pretty shit but a man with your wisdom and insight can surely see past that? And I'm prepared to bet that when you see the proper telly version you'll be stifling a sniffle, just like the rest of us.