Thursday, 9 May 2013

Are there any kitchen sinks left in Eastern Europe??

I say this because Romania have thrown them at Cezar and some of them have hit him as there appears to be a big blood clot on the floor with people writhing underneath it.  Think Linda Wagenmakers dances in a placenta and thats pretty much what you have on stage here.

Its a feast for eye and ear to be honest and his falsetto is possibly the most ear splittingly awful thing you will ever see and hear - remember he's a classically trained artiste....  Postman clearly rather than singer.   I forgot to mention what he's wearing, how remiss of me, - Black leather shirt with a neckline that plunges like the Israeli bird, clearly they have been swapping Styling och Consulting tips, complete with 1970's medallion man crucifix around his neck. 

He certainly owns the stage, thankfully I think he has the reciept and will give it back to the real artists at the end of the evening.  Everyone will be laughing at it but, as I was told earlier, he is a big star in Romania and has bookings and everything....

Wonder what he's doing a week on Friday???

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