Thursday, 9 May 2013

Irishness last night.

After the rehearsals yesterday, the select few walked the few hundred yards to Fagan's Irish Bar for a Secret invite only nudge nudge "Gathering" - complete with Irish drinks tokens for "the black stuff" and an Irish Coffee for pudding. 

Sounds good so far, but it got loads better.  Firstly an Irish band called the Noblords of Erin, or something played
Once they had gone off, the Irish HoD went on and thanked the world, then your man came on and sang his song.   Lots of Irish audience participation hilarity ensued afterwards.
On the table across from us, however, were the Moldovans.  About 1/2 way through they were seen scoffing - my first thought was " Blimey, it's teatime early in Moldova" - however waitress service came round for everyone - and gave us THIS magnificence.
A scrumptious platter of food, Smoked Salmon and Canapes la di dah!! - More dancing and then we went for the Irish Coffee.  Shit me, that was some strong shite!

We then got handed one of these
filled with an IPhone cover, Baileys chocolates, a t-shirt in a size that I could have got into 25 years ago and a flag!

T'was a grand afternoon!!

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