Saturday, 11 May 2013

It's Saturgay, I'm freezing my tats off...

Good morning Europe, god moron Malmo! And good morning hangover! Not an all singing, all dancing one with pyros but a gentle one that is leaving an impression on my Saturday morning, ok Saturday afternoon, here in the press cente. I'll pull through though I'm sure with coffee, water and then beers later no doubt. Very jolly night in the fan cafe as La Monty has described and a piece to camera filmed by a disused bar round the back of the venue. Such a pity we over used the bars that WERE open and I think the beer count may have hit double figures though they're not really proper beers here are they? 

So the second semi final today and I'm already behind. Plus I'm freezing my tats off as someone's cranked up the AC owing to the day being a little sunnier and big projector screens have gone down but it'll still be wall to wall coverage from all of us, never fear! I'm even draped in an Irish flag to keep warm but it keeps slipping off, has anyone got a bull dog clip? Oh and now the Latvian boys seem to be doing their entire back catalogue of Bob Marley cover versions from the press centre, that's going to wear on my last nerve! 


Nothing really wrong with the Latvian performance, they do pretty much all you would want to do with this fairly average song. Glittery and spangly suits always welcomed along with the skinny boy's midriff on show. It's a lively opener but then again instantly forgettable. I would say this is the only dead cert non qualifier from this semi. 

San Marino

Mmmmm this looks lovely on the cameras you know although she could have bleached her teeth for this contest you know. She's a coffee and red wine drinker I'd wager and a smoker! The join between the two songs she's singing is made even more evident by her thinking too much about it and not quite getting the gear change and frock change right, it's a little clumsy. I'm a little worried for San Marion. 

FYI Macedonia

The boy Lozenge singing this in Macedonian today (there was talk he has been given free range by the delegation to switch to English and incur a fine from the EBU) and he looks as cute as ever. Esma wails and wobbles, she's looking nervous today or maybe it's just the strain of all that cloth she's bedecked in. Something is not clicking with this and I'm not sure quite what and whether they are qualifying though I think I want them to. Overall I'm fence sitting on this one and I'll decide later which way to jump. 



  1. Isnt there precedent with a country changing language during rehersals - didnt Israel do it back in 2005.

  2. Not that the EBU has every been consistent