Saturday, 11 May 2013

Monty: Bulgarian mushrooms and Icelandic prayers

We saw the Bulgarians last night in the Euro Fan Cafe giving good drumming and showing their typically cavalier attitude to drum sticks. Here it's as expected, all frenetic banging and clattering that you'll love or hate depending on your propensity for these kind of things. I rather enjoy it, though I'm not so convinced the voters of Europe will be quite so given. I've only just realised the dancer with the bagpipes is the one who was in Amsterdam and he's quite tasty in a scrawny kind of way, but perhaps ill-advised in that mask. And I still think she's singing Samo Champignoni and I'm hearing it as Only Mushrooms.

Iceland has just had the first run through. I've warmed to this considerably, and he's rather dishy, though needs to have a haircut to show him off to his full advantage. Melody-wise I still think this sounds like it could have a bit of God lurking in the lyrics, and as if to emphasise this he stands cruciform with arms outstretched. I'm imagining an entirely different religious experience with him by this point. I'd like to see this go through now.

Oh. In the second run through he's donned  a white dinner jacket and I've now gone off him a bit. Change it back! Fickle? Moi?

Monty x

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