Friday, 10 May 2013

Monty: Slovenia & Estonia

We're in the press centre, and it's quite lovely. It's huge with golden trees of light in the middle and an enormous working area. We have our own branded water bottles to fill up from the tippety-tap-tap-tap-water taps (as they apparently say in Swedish) making it more Eco friendly than bottled water each time. And cheaper, which is why I believe we're only in here today and not last Monday.

Slovenia has swapped with Austria for first rehearsal slot. We were just arriving and getting our pigeon holes so I couldn't really get a full impression of this and the sound was out of sync with the pictures in the press centre, but it looks quite busy on stage. I really like the song but not sure she has enough to carry it based on this.

Estonia is on now, looking and sounding great. Birgitta starts of the satellite stage which is really effective. It starts in monochrome and changes to colour in the first chorus. Birgitta then walks to the main stage during the second verse. It's very lovely and this has really come up. It could now be a qualifier.

Mr Delaney has just taken his pullover off next to me to reveal a Winny Puuh t-shirt, the punk band who Brirgit beat in the Estonian final. It's a small protest, but it's not un-noted.

Monty x

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