Saturday, 4 May 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 33 - SERBIA Ljubav Je Svuda by Moje 3

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It’s been a long time coming this year but finally we have our tu’ppeny-ha’penny tarts. And they’re delicious! There’s nothing like a bevy of Balkan babes, and this is some performance. The girls – Sara, Nevena and Mirna – all found fame on local talent show The First Voice of Serbia, and they all deliver solid vocal performances. The premise is our golden girl who doesn’t really know what to believe about true love anymore. I doubt I’d be able to think straight if I were in that clammy-looking frock either. On one side she has the pure white embodiment of optimism singing of her belief in the title that Love Is Everywhere. She’s countered by our she-devil in red who has grown cynical of chasing the man of her dreams and proffers sage advice that he’s not worth the bother. Poor Goldilocks doesn’t know who to side with. It’s staged as the classic angel/devil of a divided conscience agonising over the right path to take, and whilst the girls look like they’re fresh from a hen night with outfits by the Belgrade branch of a sluttier Serbian Anne Summers it’s a fun and lively piece of fluff that does a great job of breaking up all those ballads in the first semi final. I love this, it’s much needed this year. Heaven only knows what the viewers or juries will make of it, but the girls are all great vocalists and this deserves an airing on the Saturday night.

My score: 10 points

Monty x

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