Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 39 - UNITED KINGDOM Believe In Me by Bonnie Tyler

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Finally we’ve made it all the way to the United Kingdom, and bonny Bonnie Tyler. Who could have predicted we would have such a star? Well, me, actually as whilst rumours abounded like wildfire about at least a gazillion different hotly-tipped artists (as per with the tight-lipped BBC giving nothing away) I had tipped her for the gig a good week before on Facebook. It was largely a bit of guesswork, but with a new website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a three-minute edit of a song on her forthcoming album appended to the track listing – and with the album release itself mysteriously delayed until May – it was also some simple sleuthing that led me to her. It’s been a mixed reaction to her announcement as the UK entrant, with some bemoaning the BBC’s reluctance (or inability) to entice a credible current act, and others aghast at the news we’re going to try our luck with another pensioner after Engelbert, yet many more welcoming a woman who did, after all, contribute some of the most fondly-remembered tracks of our youths. The song is a power ballad, in possibly the worst year to have a power ballad, and whilst it’s solid it’s also well-charted terrotory. Outside of the UK Bonnie seems to fare better, with recent tours and TV appearances, and a deal of interest about her participation. It remains to be seen whether this will translate into support on the night (and until we see the result there will be a great deal of caution to bank on this after we were led to believe it would serve Mr Humperdinck well), but Bonnie seems to have the right attitude of whatever happens will happen, and the nous to know that it’s not really about where she comes on the night but more about giving her new album an enormously high profile plug in the markets she’s likely to see sales in. I admit that were it not for the Eurovision connection I wouldn’t be really noticing this song at all, but I know that by virtue of it competing for my home country I’ll be staggering around in a drunken circle of friends at the end of many a long night in Malmö overcooking this to within an inch of its life. And so probably will Bonnie. I can’t bloody wait!

My score: 7 points

Monty x 

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