Saturday, 11 May 2013

San Marino - Gearbox problems

Now, I feel I must explain this - As we all know, creepy uncle Ralph has sellotaped 2 of his old songs together by changing the time signature in this song 3 times in 3 bars ( the bit with the long note in it, for those of you without GCSE Music Grade B - Therefore I am qualified to write this blog thankewe)

My issue is, that she can't sing it.  It's the Aural equivalent of a Land Rover without a syncromesh gear box, or imagine a woman trying to shift up and Jeremy Clarkson (W**ker) saying " It's in there somewhere, love) - That how I feel about this time change, it's in there somewhere! - However if she doesn't get it right, the Juries are going to *have* to mark it down under their criteria and it's that noticable that the Televoters will also go "oooh", and perhaps not bother to vote.

There is much work to be done, and little time.

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