Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shy and retiring me and Shit me Latvia!!


I got Doorstepped by a fan of this very site this morning!! - Rob from came up to The Hack and I and said " Are you OnEurope?" - Who's asking? was our reply!! - Not the kind of thing one says to a professional punter/journo, however I got all shy and retiring... awww

Anyhow - Onto Latvia. 

CROWD SURFING?!! - Yes, thats right dear reader-who-refreshes-often-so-it-looks-like-we-have-hits!, The blond one (he's either P or R from the band!) does some crowd surfing towards the end of this - the queenies fown the front will have more work to do, though in Reality i suspect Hendrick and his chums will carry them, but it might scare the fannies at the front.

Sounds good though, looks good, back in with a shout.

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