Monday, 6 May 2013

Slovenia - GORDONS ALIVE!!!

That 1980's cult flick Flash (ahhhhh-hhhhaaaaaaa) Gordon's costumiers have been gainfully employed for this one - She's wearing Leatherette chainmail on, therefore keeping Dagenham in business for a little longer - vocally, however, she's more Austin Allegro 1800 Vandem Plas rather than a finely tuned Ferrari.  Suffice it to say she is not singing on all cylinders, either that or she has a voice that sounds like an engine backfiring - she missed all the key notes, and to be fair, that wouldn't be many, but they were telling and even her walking down the catwalk "like she stole it" i.e wiv attitude didn't help - sadly, however, she's gonna strut right off the stage, right out the back and right on the train home.

Edit 1 - No backing singers for this one and it shows, she's still missing all the notes and it hurts my ears - press centre has done a collective "aaargh" at some points.......  Not an in ear monitor problem, rather a singing one.

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