Monday, 6 May 2013

The OnEurope Golden Fork - In Association with the Retail Jewellers of Ireland....

For those of you old enough to know better, we used to award prizes for the weird and wacky, then they went away again - but by christ they are BACK this year.

Firstly, The Bronze Fork goes to....... SVT, for being nice but a lil bit dim when it came to the press facilities and power that we might need.

The Silver Fork goes to.... Russia.  Principally because anyone that looks like a cartoon character should win something.

And Finally, the Golden Fork for outstanding "performance" of the day must surely go, possibly in perpetuity, to Ukraine for having no forethought AT ALL when it came to their staging and having singlehandedly reduced the press of Europe to guffawing wrecks.  Well Done sirs!!

1 comment:

  1. You know, these canny Ukrainians could be on to something. It all comes down to whether the people of Europe go 'Ahhhhhh, how cute' to the whole Beauty/Beast thing or 'Arrgh, make it stop, please'. Remember, the televoting audience won't necessarily be as cynical as a bunch of hard-bitten Eurovision hacks. And didn't a certain Miss Celine Dion have a global smash with her Beauty/Beast number? Maybe it's an omen?