Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tomorrow is always one day away

While the rest of Oneurope are drinking cheap grog at some dive in Malmö, I'm putting the hard work in at our friendly neighbourhood Euroclub.  I blogged about four songs earlier on.  This is the remainder.

Finland has gone loopy, even for them.  Ding Dong appears to be the phrase of the song, and not in a Leslie Phillips sort of way.  I think the kiss at the end will divide opinion among the great unwashed masses of Europe.  She apparently wrote the song as an attempt to persuade her boyfriend to propose to her.  He must be pretty damn clueless if she needs to write a song - this song - to get him to make an honest woman of her.

Oneurope likes Malta.  They went to Europe's favourite Mediterranean rock to watch Gianluca beat his sister and the Borg win big in some tent.  The boy done good today, apart from his eagerness to sing faster than the backing track during his first run through.  He puts it across well, and you can sing along with him if/when you feel the need.  I want this to win.  I want to go to Malta with the rest of them next year.  So in the words of some hosts, wote, wote, wote for Malta.

PS - his favourite Eurovision song is 'Fly on the wings of love'.

Then we had Bulgaria, with Voda Part 2.  It's the drums and schtick (see what i did there?) as last time, but with added luminosity.  And a guy playing a dead animal before wearing what he plucked off it.  It was good in 2007, but it might not be quite so good this time round.  In fact, I find it tiresome.  There, I've said it.

Iceland rehearsed afterwards, apparently.  I didn't see it because I was watching some very interesting interviews with Macedonians (FYR).  But I have it on very good authority, from my mole in the place to be, that Eyþór did good.  He's gone all nautical on us, with his fishing boats and lighthouses.  All it needs is a whale to pee on someone's giant.  In a manner of speaking.

I'm going to keep my ear to the ground for any interesting titbits of information you might never thought of asking.  Or I might just find some alcohol.

Love ya and see ya soon.

R x

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