Saturday, 11 May 2013

We've moved into the arena for Albania and a couple more....

It's like the old days! - In the hall with wireless giving you the coverage you deserve... and not want.

The first impression is the same as most people have said, the hall is very smal indeed - so much so that they have folded some of the seats away that cover the icerink to accomadate the standing, which explains the standing capacity - It would be very few if there wasnt the standing so it seems a good decision to be honest.

Anyhow back to the rock gods that are Albania.  and by Rock Gods, they are clearly channeling some sort of band, possibly Hacksaw ( I wonder if they will cover Hacksaw's seminal hit, Bogroll - Ask for more details viewers!!)  Just checking that this is the Pyro rehearsal and I think it is!! - I'm several rows back but I can still feel the heat from here! but its clearly a rock song that the punters in the hall think are ace..... just not the crowd that are in at present.  I have never seen so much Pyro!!

Still might well be qualifying!!

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