Saturday, 11 May 2013

Betting advice to ignore...

Ooh now, any of you thinking of putting a few pennies on Eurovision this year could do worse than to put a couple of them each way on Azerbaijan. We thought they wouldn't be bothered with this old thing any more after hosting it last year, but it's looking better and better with each rehearsal, and has definitely got the sniff of top five about it. Don't bet the farm, cos this year is incredibly wide open, but I've got a little sneaker that it's going to do well.

However, if you've got a decent sized pot to risk and want to try a more speciality bet, I've been talking to the professional gamblers who sit glued to the screens in the front row of the press centre, and they've got their major wedges on San Marino not qualifying from their semi-final. It's a massive fan favourite, so is probably higher up the betting than it should be. And those skewed odds can get you some incredible value if you lay against it on the exchanges. We're only talking small odds, but with a decent sized stake you could double or treble your money if you've got the nerve.

Of course, remember that betting is wrong, and any risk on your part is entirely down to your own foolhardy gullibility, and no fault of mine.

In other news, our lass Bonnie Tyler is in town, so I'll be out stalking her down for you Welsh types later on.

It's the Belarussian party tonight. The story goes that they were bringing 1000 bottles of artist-branded vodka in, until the Swedish custom officials slapped a £40k import tax bill on them, and only let them through with 28! Hopefully they've employed some booze mules to sneak it in over the bridge from Copenhagen for tonight...


  1. Hmmm, Azerbaijan sneaking through and winning in a year where there is no real clear favourite. Is it 2011 again?

  2. We've entered a spooling vortex time hoop!