Saturday, 11 May 2013

I've just had my WOW moment

Krista Siegfrieds is not only coming top 3 in the 2nd semi final, she's coming Top 10 in the Final and *will* give YLE a very very large heart attack!

There, I said it because it's true!

Damn fire this is good - It's not the freakshow that certain broadcasters think it will be, it's a very well crafted song that has constituencies everywhere.  It's televoter friendly, it has quality, it has a gimmic, f*ck it even has fireworks.... what's not to like!

It just comes on stage and across on the TV as continental knockabout that Eurovision Audiences love.  Get your money on now!!

Edit 1 - Krista's gammy leg is because she has an infected cut and is on Antibiotics!!

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