Friday, 10 May 2013

Bye heck the wifi keeps dropping...

The wifi is intermittent at best here now so I'm piggy backing on Ewan Spence's mac! Cheers Ewan! Fairly surprising being here in hi tech Sweden but maybe they'll fix it...
Ok on with the semi...


I think it must be a little on the warm side in arena as all the artistes seem to be looking a little clammy and moist.  Well with all that garb on I'm not surprised our Croatian crooners are suffering, however their vocals are not suffering.  Sounding good but they really look like they're not enjoying themselves.  I know it's a rehearsal but c'mon boys.. I don't like this but I guess it will make it through still. 


I'm warming to this girl now and the tin whistle guy is cuter despite his hacked into mullet! She's got a bit of a lisp I'd not noticed before hasn't she and her vocal didn't seem spot on today but nothing serious I think. I'm not sure about the bit when she circles the whistler and gazes at him. It's like she's uncomfortable with this bit but overall this is still ever so strong. This looks great when the pyros start and the golden confetti falls a la Azerbaijan 2011. The drumming is spot on and it is a whole package isn't it? Winning? You tell me...


I was busy recording a podcast during Russia, gosh they're getting their pound of flesh from me for this press pass I can tell you! Though fair to say I'm getting my fair share of free booze, food and coffee from this press pass! Mmm from the bits I saw it looked okay and of all the ballads this is the one that works for me most. I love big white balls as much as anyone but it makes it look all a bit dated and retro, maybe that's what they're going for?


Okay I'm not going to jump on the giant bashing bandwagon. It does look clumsy and is does detract from the song but that's not the only thing wrong with this stage performance, the lump of rock she's stood on is totally unnecessary although I appreciate on the night it maybe covered with a bit of smoke to make it look realistic. There's also some pained looks to camera too but vocally superb and the forest backdrop looks amazing and the lightening works for me. Qualifying still but not the winner the bookies would let you believe.

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