Friday, 10 May 2013

Monty: Netherlands flying a little bit higher

Anouk is onstage now doing her second rehearsals. She's alone on the satellite stage with her backing singers on the main stage. She's got he wind machine on but only half-belt, not to Carola proportion. Having the distance really helps the perspective of the full backdrop which has some highly effective sweeping shots with birds, well, flying rather than falling down the rooftops as she somewhat sinisterly sings. This really hasn't been my cup of tea so far but it certainly stands out. I wonder if I will warm to it after all? If I do then perhaps it might be a bit late for her connection with the wider audience too? Perhaps not warming, but just appreciating what she does well?

By the way they seemingly handed out some recorders in the Danish press conference to match their onstage penny-whistler. Because a room full of international amateur press parping away on instruments they have no idea how to parp isn't annoying at all...

Monty x

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