Thursday, 9 May 2013

Coffee is Free, Alcohol not so much

I wish to declare an interest here - Alcohol isn't free in Malmerrrr

However, back to the song - as Wogan once said, it is a bit of "continental knockabout" which is all good fun.  The old man from the video is doing most of the frontage if not the featured singer and there is lots of Danny Saucedo lights on guitars and things and the boys dance around the stage with gay abandon, and in this rehearsal they are all wearing converse t-shirts.  I wonder if they have been sponsored .....

Anyhow, back to the song -  It is what it is, qualifying easily but may well struggle in the final...

Edit 1 - I didnt  notice this - they run about onto the mini stage as well, it reminds me a bit of Athena in Istanbul with the amount of energy thats here  but without the annoying faux London Accent - maybe I should tell them ;)

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