Thursday, 9 May 2013

If someone has the Israeli head of Delegations number.....

Someone needs to call them and say the following phrase

"Get her out of that ridiculous dress immediately!!"

It's not a dress contest, I grant you, but the first thing that strikes you is " Why is my maths teacher singing in Hebrew on the screen?" -  She's got the NF dress on  and it was a mistake then, and its still a mistake now!! With a dress from Primark and some Specsavers glasses, this COULD be a great song, however Joe Public are just going to look at the dress, and the plunge of her Cleavage and go " ooooh no, really?, Fashion Faux Pas"

Her look totally detracts from a half decently sung half decent ballad however, if this stays in this look and is presented in a negative way and I think NickD has just summed it up nicely

"The song's called Rak Bishvilo. Now, one thing you can do with a rack is to park a bicycle, which you could also do next to a dustbin... yes that's right, you've won Dusty Bin!"

this could be accidental last, purely because people forgot to vote for it. 

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  1. I will help her out of that dress.