Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lonely Planet - Lonely Scores

The best thing I could say about Armenia is that it is an earnest song - and that really is the best I can say.   Roy Hacksaw would hate this song if he went to see it, and I can't blame him.  To my ear it has something missing - probably a tune or some talent.   Black Sabbath had something to do with this, but I think that its something to do with money than the earnest music that they are known for.

The lead singer of the Dorian's just doesn't connect (as with so many of the performers in this set of rehearsals) with anything, least of all the song - I get the impression that he is singing the syllables rather than understanding the words and, when the lyrics are about saving the world, it helps if you can understand them.

The lack of connect is tried to be compensated out by a decent light show and rock show but ultimately leaves the viewer cold and should not qualify.

Edit 1 - The more he sings this - the lighter that this song becomes but Hendrick tells me that there is Pyrotechnics about to be done - Maybe this will add to things.....

Edit 2 - no...

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