Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hungary - It's Eurovision on LSD

Dont look into Alex's eyes Europe, you'll get the same trippy Trip that the Hungarians did, and the one the world has got on his preview video.

Perhaps thats this songs charm, that the projected backing lulls you into voting for it with subliminal messages, either that or the plodding nature of this songs make you sway in time to the music and you fall under its spell when you start listening to it.

Alex isn't engaging, but thats his bag and his charm I guess, by not engaging and just monotonically singing his song he gets under the skin of the viewer and listener.  In other songs, that would clearly be a problem but he does indeed pull it off very well.  It gets stronger and stronger with every run through.

A quick note for the backing singer - he looks as bored as Alex  but it somehow works!! - I don't get why, it just does..

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