Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Costumes, costumes and more costumes

Another quiet moment away from my boss. Another day of rehearsals over, so a few words of wisdom from me.  Or not.  If you want words of wisdom, there are plenty more bloggers around here to choose from.  But don't click away just yet, I may have some gems in there.

I left off with Moldova taking to the stage some kilometres away.  Her dress has grown between the national final and now.  Either that or they're all very very tall in Chisinau.  She rises up and up and up, surely almost hitting her head on the roof.  But then, to my relief, she stops making look like she's atop a raging volcano.  It's like Sabina Babayeva but more so.  Watch and be amazed.

After a break and lunch of a very expensive sandwich.  5SEK thingummies more than yesterday too, we got Ireland.  At least, we did when the feed worked.  Maybe someone doesn't want Ireland to get an eighth victory.  But all was revealed in an act that's busy busy busy.  Las Vegas style Celtic crosses.  Men playing drums the Kodo-ists of Japan would be mightily proud of.  Semi-naked dancers cavorting around, covered in either imaginative tattoos or a very nasty skin complaint.  And two girlies making those heart shapes with their hands.  Awww, bless.  Busy or not, I think this can safely be going through Saturday Night at the London Palladium Malmö Arena.

Ryan was followed by Cyprus.  Contrasting is a suitable word.  She's a woman of a certain age and wearing a see-through frock held together by some strategically placed pieces of dark lace.  Imagine evening wear designed by Cher.  She's there by herself - maybe Cyprus couldn't afford a large delegation.  It's a bit dull after the fun and games RTÉ are paying for.  But it might be the contrast that will see her through.  Somehow, I think, Aphrodite's Isle will be absent beyond Tuesday night.

Lithuania must have left their performer behind.  That guy singing is one of the stage hands, isn't he?  No, an all-knowing fan told me, it's definitely definitely Andrius.  I'd never have guessed.  he can sing a bit, but his stage presence is lacking everything.  His only redeeming feature is the expressive eyes.  But then he confounds us all by wearing some dark sunglasses Serafín Zubiri would be proud of.  No way will this qualify.  If it does, me and Eurovision might be finished and I'll be taking up lion-taming.

Finally those cheeky little Serbian girls sang at us.  Not content with the nice, nasty and neutral Serbs we say in their final, they've plumped for lots of lovely colours.  Separately, these colours would be fine.  But together they're just a mess.  I was sorely disappointed.  They're pretty girls but have spoilt it all with their unique style.  Will it get through?  Well, with a threshold of somewhere between 37 and 40 points, they just might.  But those outfits may have to go.

Tell us what you're thinking. We promise we'll listen.  ;-)

R x

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