Tuesday, 7 May 2013


The first think I have to say is that the 3 girls are looking like walking cup cakes, it must have gone down well in the RTS planning meeting, but in real life its looking very very silly, especially with their several inch heels and their backing singers.

Remember in the midst of time the concept about this one was woman falling out of love, good and bad telling her what to do and what not to do? - Hence Angel and Devil?, that's gone right out of the window here.  All I will say is that "SLAG" is Serbian for CREAM and not PROSTITUTE.... just making that clear... ok... Not prostitute at all.... oh dear me no... not at all.  Get it??  Good.  And if Operation Yewtree coppers are watching, they are at Malmo Arena and I didn't touch them, ok!!

Now, back to the song, which is why you are here after all and not my infantile ramblings.  It's still  what it is, shouty and pitchy with frenetic knock-about sense of humour (And  not in a Stuart Hall kind of way), its a very light kind of song - again nothing heavy but their vocal style isn'[t helping over the thumping back beat of this song.  It's a miss match of 2 style

The commentators will have 35 seconds to explain this song to people who have never seen the previews and I don't think they have a hope in hell but ultimately it has the potential to fall flat on its face, lose every ounce of credibility and still qualify.

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