Friday, 10 May 2013

Good man yourself Ryan.....

Now, over the years of OnEurope I have been predisposed to disliking the Irish entry.  Not because they are Irish, but because the songs have been substandard.

Thankfully, this time, Ireland have put in a half decent song, and a half decent performer in the shape of wee Ryan Dolan and his chunky backing singers.   I am told by a "sauce" close to the Irish Delegation that the tattoos are henna and reflect Celtic culture.

After reading blogs that were less than kind to this song, RTE have toned down the backgrounds so they look less Irish but still say "Ireland" to the viewing public.  Believe you me, they want to qualify with this song and Ryan has been taught all the pre requisites of how to do this - He still has the same timbre to his voice that may well put a section of the punters off, but, as I said earlier this week, it's his voice rather than a problem.

Overall the package is completely Irish through and through and Linda Martin has done a great job.  Ryan looks down the screen, he has a twinkle in his Strabanny eyes and yeah, it's qualifying easily.

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