Friday, 10 May 2013

Monty: we are the winners, of Beerovision!

I'm pleased to announce that Jody and I are the proud winners of the "Who'll Be The First To Buy A Beer In The Press Centre" competition. We spotted a little tent on the way between the Press Centre and the Arena and availed ourselves of a little light refreshment. The staff were so pleased that they took our photo.

But there are songs too. We haven't missed much. Montenegro is still bonkers, with the spacesuits. It needs some camera tuning but I've still no idea what fate will meet this next Tuesday.

We popped into the arena to catch the last run through of Lithuania an the first of Belarus. Andries has been all sexed-up and delivers a fairly competent rendition, with I proved diction and stage presence. I still don't think it has a hope but he's very charming and whatever the outcome this is three quite joyful moments of a man who really can't quite believe he's here. Belarus by contrast looks like she means business and shimmies her way through her three minutes of So-Gay-Oh competently bit a bit formulaically.

We grabbed a bit of fresh salad from the canteen to fodder ourselves up, a bargain at only 50kr for a big bowl of goodness. We've eaten remarkably well so far. Well, apart from the McDonalds at lunchtime but that doesn't really count. Back into the hall in time for Moldova and she's still delivering this well, and still sprouting several feet before she gets to the final chorus. It should get through quite easily.

Ireland is up now, and this is looking very good indeed. Ryan is in fine voice and those dancers add a certain something to the whole shebang. Very goos camera work and uplifting beats. I still have a more-than-sneaking hard for this.

Monty x

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