Saturday, 11 May 2013

Greece and Israel in one tasty morsel!!

....principally because I was having a row on the fabulous ESCNation message board and I was too busy pointing out that bloggers are journos too for these two weeks - if that notion offends you, please leave!

For those of you that have stayed, i'll take Israel first.  You are still looking at her funbags rather than the work that the IBA have put into the song, but the NiS that they could have spent on the styling have been thrown into a John Galliano dress that does nothing for her figure.  You really could park a mountain bike in there, and that detracts from a very strong song that could be so much more if it wasn't for that pesky Dress!! - Think Israel might just miss out because people may forget to vote for it. 

Greece, however, is the embodiment of Riotous Cavalcade of Popular Song that we have all come to enjoy.  This is going through with a bullet too I think, just like the other 20 or so songs in this semi final.  At first, I hated it - however now it is just fun, especially with the old boy wiping his tache at the end.. Yeah  Still qualifying!!


  1. Israel- get over the dress issue.Your comments about it are on the point of being sexist. It's not as bad as you point out.And it's not a John Galliano's dress as it is a version of the dress she wore during the NF.

    1. That's the point in a nutshell, Shai, you *can't* get over it - when the non-israeli televoter looks at the screen it's Tits, glasses and Eyes in that order. It could have been so much more *if* the focus of the staging would have been on the song, rather than drawing attention to he attributes that make you turn off from listening to the song. Margaret Berger is a prime example - her song is strong, her look is better, you listen to the song more.

      Are you then saying that the women in the press centre are racist/sexist because *they* are saying the same thing??

      At the end of the day It's a TV Show - the IBA could have done far more to make the viewer listen to the song, rather than just look at her and turn their ears off - which is what I fear may happen.

    2. I am not in the press centre, so I can't judge that. And if women in the press centre say the same, doesn't make it less sexist, actually even more. And in both cases it should be condemned.

      And saying "You really could park a mountain bike in there.."is on the low point of any comment,show gravely disrespect and it doesn't matter if it come from a man or woman.

      To be honest-I have no clue what the viewer of Europe will think of it, if they like it they will see beyond it.If not they don't.

  2. You're completely missing the point, by criticising Phil for his comments. He is not necessarily saying what he personally would think, he's predicting what he believes the populace of Europe will think, and thus, the effect this will have on the voting.

    Phil is absolutely right; come Thursday evening, the likes of Twitter will be full of comments like "50 shades of wrong" and "Should've gone to Specsavers" in reference to the Israeli entry. I'm sorry, this is not going to make it through to Saturday, being IMO the stronger semi overall.

  3. I'm with Phil too. As any proper stylist would know, you need to wear the dress and not for the dress to wear you. In Moran's case, it's clearly the latter. Costume is a very important element of the entire presentation, and with this can come plenty of criticism when done badly. Just think of Björk and that swan dress she wore. At the time no one was talking about her music - just the awful dress. If people could look beyond the costume, then Joan Rivers would be out of a job and most gossip magazines would be much thinner. Oh, and no Barbara Dex award too.

    Moran has an amazing voice and a great song but only has three minutes to show this to the viewing public. Unfortunately, with so little time, that dress is too distracting for your average viewer to notice her true talents.