Friday, 10 May 2013

Heja Sverige! God morgon Malmö.....

Rosé here on our first morning in Malmö coming to you live (and only very slightly the worst for last night's cheap expensive red wine) from our salubrious Mercure residence in the Stadion area of the city.  I am reliably informed that the 1992 contest was held around here, who knows perhaps we are in the same room that Dame Linda of Martin stayed in?

Sorry Our Monty, I need to confess.  Those delays yesterday may have been something to do with me.  You see I'd overslept and I needed a bit of extra faffing time at the airport so I arranged to have the flight put back on hour or so.  Then then with all of my frocks and parafanalia I'd brought, they had to get a new luggage container to accommodate.  All those wigs and shoes do take up space you know.  But at least I got us to turn left on boarding the 767 glamour jet eh Monty and the champagne flowed.. Ok well dripped, but it's a marathon not a sprint I guess! 

So direkt to the S & Marino party was a fabulous first night wasn't it?  And a sensible amount of booze too?  I'm impressed.  So good to see our fellow OneEurope peeps and the usual gaggle of others, we really are one again aren't we?  

I'm ever so happy with the set up this year.  They know my throat is prone to flaring up so I can't be talking to the artistes all night you know so was very happy to learn they'd set up speed chatting.  Five of this year's artistes were presented to me in small two minute segments and were delighted to get an opportunity to ask how my first night was going and my early impressions of Malmö..... 

I told Moran from Israel that her country is my new Portugal and that I spend Sunday night at Evitta, she seemed to know it well and I'm informed she's a big old fag hag.  She's in good company this week then. 

Roberto from Belgium is so shy and sweet and I managed a bit of French muttering to him that I hoped he'd qualify and the vin rouge was nice....

The Albanian rockers were ever so pleased to learn that I like their language and also their song, I told them I'm not a rocker but their song rocks!! They'll sleep easier. 

Lozange from FYROM is very smiley and shorter than I'd imagine but then so are all of the five we met last night.  

And Farid, oh Farid.... So swarthy, so smiley and so gorgeous.  He just smiled at everyone and bopped around with his delegation in amongst the fannage.. I managed to pull the Azeri word for thanks from the recesses of my mind and he said 'oh you speak....'  Yes I do you gorgeous man, yes I do...... I feel a mini obsession coming on... 

OK so we've made frukost on day two and we are raring to go.... Lets see how the second rehearsals look today.. Nu kör vi.......



  1. haha I like your coverage.
    and how is the euroclub?


  2. yes FYROM, that's the countries international name - you may prefer Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia or L'ex republique yugoslave de macedoine, spelt badly, but I prefer to keep my accreditation thanks!

  3. what a coincidence, i'll be staying at mercure also!