Friday, 10 May 2013

Monty: So congratulations, we have arrived!

Good morning OnEuropeans! Rosé and I have arrived! Finally, after time was against us all day on our journey. After a delayed boarding, and luggage containers that wouldn't fit and needed moving about the plane we landed to a 45 minute baggage claim delay. Thankfully having realised who we were we had been given posh seas on the plane, though no UK entreat to accompany this year. You'll remember we had to hold Engelbert's hand last time to get him through the trip. Two champagnes later and we got to the arena, initially trying to gain access to the artistes' entrance instead of your common or garden accreditation site. The one thing on our side was their unexpected late opening meaning we got our laminates and got ourselves overly excitable in the process.

A lovely touch on arrival was the driver of the shuttle bus. As we're slumming it the official buses don't serve our hotel but she was happy to take a detour to drop us off at the door. How lovely is that? So helpful. We threw our bags down ad headed direkt til San Marino's party.

The catering was smashing with great veggie food for Roy and I, lovely beetroot and goats cheese salad, and three free drinks tokens, meaning we had a moderately priced first night. More of this please! On stage Valentina asked us would we like to have a little scat? Oh shush! It's a jazz style, it's what she sings. She then launched into the Valentina Monetta show with a full showcase including a jazzy version of the Song Formerly Known As Facebook from last year and an English, slowed down version of Chrysalide, all to a full live accompaniment.

We then threw ourselves upon everyone we could see, with an imporessive-for-the-first-night tally of Belgium (shy but charming), Israel (not as big as she looks, and really pretty), half of Macedonia (the male one), and Albania (most jolly). Top of the shop though was dishy Farid Mammogram who is totally unassuming and was gracious to our advances (and those of a thousand more pestering fanoraks).

A modestly early night for us (we're getting on a bit, and I'd been up since 5.30 UK) meaning we're bright eyed and bushy tailed (ish) this lovely morning, and we're going to hit the press centre for the first time today. It's the first look at live rehearsals, and our first full run through. More later.

Monty x

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